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Steven Universe's Pink Diamond

This costume is close to my heart, I redesigned it a bit only to fit my plus size model better. This page shows Pink's costume construction from start to finish; resin sculpt/casting, as well as draping the corset, pumpkin style pants, peplum, sleeve cages, etc..

Finished Photos


This specialty costume is directly based on the Steven Universe character Pink Diamond.

(pictured above)


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The Making of Pink

Making the Gem

Starting with a hard CNC wax, I began roughing out the Diamond, based on how big it should look on the finished corset versus the design. Then using a piece of parchment paper and an iron I smoothed out the faces of the gem. After that I used a heat gun to melt away and soften the edges, because while this character does have some angles, she is also very rounded. Once I had the soft and shiny faces I took a soft mold and cast it in a smooth cast fast cure resin mixed with a bit of red to have the base pink rather then white. Finally, I dry brushed the cell shading to get the original cartoon look.

Draping the Bodice

I began by draping the corset, using the style lines to guide some of the seams. The bones will be hidden inside the corset, but they are taped for now shaping. Then I took out about four inches in the seams. So the corset could be cinched up at the back and the side seams could create more shape. Finally we did a muslin fitting. When it fit properly it was time to make patterns and finish!

Shaping the Cages

These were so fun to build, I used a lightweight weed whacker plastic (orange) to block them out because it was cheep and relatively efficient to block out big shapes with. I based them off the classic pannier but used a more modern huge shape.


The first few photos are putting together the fashion fabrics and cording onto the corset. Next is a glove pattern I drafted to fit using the non stretch fashion fabric. Then I machine flat lined two light pink sheer fashion fabrics as well as in the next picture- there is  a lace and four way stretch darker purple fabric that I flat lined and attached to the bodice in their respective sections. Then I made sure all the fabrics still looked good together, matched the design, and looked good with the diamond in the center. The next few photos are finishing the bodice with cording, and more fashion fabric in the sleeves, shoes, pumpkin pant- peplum- etc. Then with the final fitting- it was time to finish and clean up the costume getting it ready to wear with the wig and makeup

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