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I have lived in Texas most of my life, moving from Los Gatos, California to the Fort Worth area when I was 8. Starting at a young age I’ve been fascinated by fantasy and escaping the real world by bringing imaginary characters to life. Halloween was always one of the most fun times because I could spend weeks building my own little costumes based on movies and books I was passionate about. It made me so incredibly happy when people would recognize the character and be as excited as I was that it had been brought to life. I built my first quad suit when I was 14, and at 18 I moved to Austin in to pursue a college degree in costume design and technology. I have only grown more ardent and proficient in costume technology over these years, from draping, to tailoring, to wigs and prosthetic work. I love being a sponge of knowledge and new techniques learning even beyond my formal education. Now that my bachelors degree is completed I am ecstatic to move forward and make increasingly beautiful pieces. 


After graduating the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors of Fine Arts  in costume technology, I have started this business as a way to express my creativity and knowledge in my craft. I'm building my brand to move forward into the field. Specialty costuming, classic tailoring and draping, special effects work, everything I can do can be used to the advantage of brining a designer's vision to life. Epix FX is a way to express my own creativity in the background of other larger projects. 

I am available for custom commissions but I am also looking for full time employment in the costume technology industry. Please check out my resume for a full list of my skills and what I can offer you.



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