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Lady Dimitrescu

Alcina Dimitrescu is a 1930's inspired, vampiric woman, commanding and powerful.


Creating a beautiful monsteR

I started with her accessories. Her hat is 100% wool, I blocked out my head form in to have the shape matching the reference art. I spent hours and hours steaming the fabric, pressing and shaping into the correct shape. Next is the necklace and broach. The centerpiece is resin 3D printed, then painted to match art. The pearls are all strung one at a time and this took a few iterations to get right. The broach I sewed black roses to a piece of wool and whip stitched a broach back to it. Finally the wig is a lace-front from Epiccosplay wigs.

Then moved onto the dress. This was a very fun and difficult period draping project. There are ruffles, princess seams buttons, bias draping, everything you could want from a 1920s-1930s dress.